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Purimetrics - Purification and Measurement Technology

Efficient, Reliable Rotary Screw Compressors

We Provide the Air Quality You Require With:

A Complete Range of Purification Products
Filtration - Coalescers, Particle Filters, Adsorbers
 Dryers - Desiccant, Refrigerated, Membrane
 Air-to-Replace Nitrogen Systems
 Laboratory Air Systems
 Nitrogen Production Systems
 Breathing Air Systems
 Packaged Air Compressor Systems

Efficient, Reliable Rotary Screw Compressors
 V-Belt and Direct Drive

Supported by Complementary Products, Including:
 Complete Selection of Replacement Filters
 Air Receiver Tanks
 Drain Valves - Mechanical & Electric
 Desiccants - Alumina, Molecular Sieve
 Oil Vapor Adsorbers - Cartridges and Beds
 Condensate Treatment Systems 
 Synthetic Lubricants -
    PAO, Diester, Food-Grade
 Compressor & Dryer Parts and Service
 Dewpoint and Flow Instrumentation


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