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Purimetrics - Purification and Measurement Technology
Products for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Markets

We provide quality, performance, and consistency
for your most critical applications with:

Choices in Filter Membrane Products
 Hydrophilic - PES, PVDF, Nylon 6
 Hydrophobic - PTFE, PVDF,  Polypropylene

Fully validated products including the fastest flowing filter for absolute retention of mycoplasma

Scalable from discs and small capsules to large multi-cartridge assemblies

Seven sizes of capsule filters from 0.3 to over 25 square feet in filter area
(Available Gamma Irradiated)

A wide range of sanitary housings in 316L stainless steel

Supported by Complementary Products Including:
 Stainless Steel Tanks, Heat Exchangers
 Sanitary Pumps / Valves / Pressure Gauges / Strainers
 Porous Metal Steam Filters
 Air Compressors and Purification Systems
 Integrity Test Instruments


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